“As she runs away in her sleep, as spring leaves and winter comes, the cherry blossoms in her soul turns into dispersed petals….. Tears become poem, a poem of a single-sided love….”

Sadness suddenly approached her, with no advanced warning or telling. She hated it for being so imperious, so compelling, leaving her not a single chance to travel away. If it could just whisper really gently into her ears about its coming, she could have saved it an accommodation, she could have played a poignant song about a broken-hearted soul, and then welcomed it with tears which encompassed pain and sorrow; if that were the case, it would have made another two friends with the same ability of bringing hollowness to her eyes. She could have sat by the windows in her room, embracing it in her hands, while saying “: Do you see? Outside that window, I can feel the moonlight shimmering, I can see how the moon blends into the eternal darkness of the sky, and I can see how small, how fragile those stars are pretending to be. Believe me little dear, I can sense how these little details of them build up the united, the harmonious beauty of midnight sky. It is a starry night here, but somewhere out there it is raining interminably, just like your inexorable existence in my heart….” However, as it wished to subvert her expectations, it chose to go the cruelest way. It would rather grasp her heart and squeeze it until her tears dropped. It would transcend all limits to incarcerate her night into some place where no words could be said and no footsteps could be heard. A chronic wound was created, reminding her of useless subterfuge.

As much as she resented this sadness, in her labyrinth, it was her only friend. If she would just let loneliness take her away, she may have collapsed again and again every single day. Ironically, sadness’s kick reminded her of her being, of how life would never let her go that easy and simple; its sovereign power taught her to not be improvident of her happiness; its castigation presented in front of her eyes the adolescence of her aplomb, or even the ludicrousness of acting priggishly.

Have you ever seen a girl crying in her nightmares? That was exactly how sadness meant to her. As she cried when it came, she let out the most bitter memory of life. How miserly life would be if one day her tears no longer dropped…..Image